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What is an Evolved Human Being?

Posted: 5/25/97

Exploration #1 - Are you Evolving?

here are many stages or initiations that a human being passes through in order to evolve their consciousness from a 20th Century Human to becoming an actualized, enlightened being of Light in the 21st Century. An evolved human being will seek to understand himself, his fellow man, his environment and how it all relates to the greater cosmic purpose and plan of the Universe. This process is never ending and the joy is in the process and not in some final destination. The individual's process adds more Light to the collective whole, thereby exponentionally increasing the available Light for the entire Planet, the solar system, the galaxy and finally the Universe. If you have ever truly experienced the vastness of the Universe, experienced from an expanded or altered state of consciousness, then you know in your heart that we have only just begun to comprehend its magnitude. The process of seeking this connection is what causes you to evolve. You embark on this path in your own unique and creative way, which is as it should be; for there is no singular, definitive way that it should be done. Each of you will form your own unique perspective on your experience here and you add that to the collective whole -- an immense living library of information and experience. It is through your conflicts and disagreements on what reality is, that you really begin to touch upon Universal Truths. Once a truth is discovered, it quickly begins to fade as you seek to understand it further. Learning to live in and with the mystery is part of the survival tools for those who seek to evolve......

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spiritual evolutionary healing

spiritual evolutionary healing

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