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Examine your Beliefs

Belief Systems are the foundation from which you manage and organize your life and experience the world being created around you. It is from these core level beliefs that you decide what is right/wrong or good/bad based on your perspective of reality. To evolve from a human being to a universal being, you have to begin examing what you believe about everything and then challenge yourself to embrace a new way of thinking so that you open a space for an evolution of consciousness to take place.
The words written throughout this book are intentional, put there to challenge you and to encourage change on a core level. They are not meant to be absolute truths, because nothing is fixed when it comes to the expansion of the mind. What we encourage you to do, while reading each of the Writings below, is to ask yourself how you think and feel about the subject or topic presented -- try to explore it as deeply as possible. As you read, you may intuitively know that there is a familiar truth within the message and acceptance is easy or perhaps a simple expanding of the mind brings a deeper understanding; ultimately leading you to awakening. However, when something really challenges you in a negative way and resistance is experienced, that is where you really need to look and find out what might be blocking you in your life to prevent you from embracing a more expansive belief. Some of these beliefs will be a stretch for your consciousness, but what you must ask yourself is -- can you really afford to maintain your current limited belief systems if we, as a species, plan to be accepted into the greater Universal community. You cannot take your mundane pettiness and lower level consciousness thoughts out into these rarified realms, it is against all principles of the Universal Law of Light. Your energetic forms will not hold its structure in these higher vibrations, it will disintegrate. Take some time to explore what you THINK, as you will begin to see how these thoughts are creating the reality that you currently experience.


Vol. 1 -- Paradigm Shifting
Evolutionary Healing
21st Century Guidebook


Explorations (thought provokinig questionnaires)

spiritual evolutionary healing

spiritual evolutionary healing

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