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Crop Circle CerealTM

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This project plan is being submitted as an advertising campaign for a creative new cereal product called Crop Circle CerealTM. The mystery of this fascinating phenomena is the foundation on which the success of Crop Circle CerealTM is to be developed. The marketing concept for this product is in synchronistic alignment with the current global fascination of the paranormal -- particularly UFOs, aliens and extraterrestrial activity. The mass market is currently being exposed to all types of unexplained phenomena throughout various forms of media, which creates a timely marketing opportunity to promote a product with the name of one of the most fascinating of all these anomalies -- Crop Circles. The entire marketing campaign would be done in a humorous, slightly satirical tongue and cheek approach. Because the true nature of this enigmatic phenomena can neither be explained or denied, it presents a wide-open creative format based on fact, fantasy, mystery and science fiction.

The product itself, can be promoted as being made from grain where crop circles generally appear -- wheat, barley, rye. The taste should, of course, be pleasing to the palate. To keep the product all natural would be ideal, though perhaps not as practical due to reduced shelf life. The shape(s) should be based on several of the simpler formations or could possibly be designed like a UFO. The images could be stamped on flat squares or triangles also.
If possible, actual grain from a certifiably genuine circle formation can be obtained and the cereal could contain a small percentage of this. Another possibility -- special collector's boxes containing this grain could be sold as a novelty item -- a powerful marketing "hook".

The appeal for this product will be geared towards children 5 & up, pre-teens, GenX and Boomers. The mystery of alien/X-File scenarios are obviously hot topics of attention as we enter the new millennium. This marketing approach will be extremely intriguing and evocative to all target audiences.

All the current forms of viable media would be used to promote this project, with TV/Cable commercials being the primary vehicle. These spots would be strategically targeted to audiences most likely to be interested in sci-fi and UFO/alien information. Current examples of shows that attract these market profiles are the X-Files, Star Trek Voyager/Deep Space Nine, Babylon 5, Earth, Stargate, Unsolved Mysteries, Strange Universe, Sightings, etc. The product should also be extensively marketed throughout such focused venues as the Sci-Fi channel. There will be a complimentary Internet Web site to provide more in-depth information about the crop circle phenomena and inform them of new circles and related discoveries as the exploration of this mystery unfolds. Along with TV/Cable spots, there is the potential of print ads and billboards.

There are numerous opportunities for spin-offs from this product. The following are provided as potential starting points:

  • Collectible Cards featuring crop circles and alien races
  • Alien Space Music (related series of tapes/CD's)
  • Videos of documentaries related to topics of UFO, aliens, crop circles
  • Gift Catalog (on-line and/or print) -- Toys, T-Shirts, Mugs, Posters, Caps, Mousepads, Screen Savers, notebooks, etc.
  • Coupons (music, gift ideas, catalog items, etc.)
  • Games & Puzzles & Giveaways & Treasure Hunts
  • Posters -- chart of different symbols along with information
    The box design can be changed on a regular basis to reflect some of the newest circle formation designs. The front of the box would include either a foil stamp or a hologram. The back of the box would provide information about Cereology, website info and fun & fascinating facts and theories about the formations.
    As an option, we could expand the nature of the information provided by exploring related phenomena, such as alien abduction, extraterrestrial civilizations, underground alien bases, UFOs, mysterious planetary anomalies, etc.
    A rough design is provided with this proposal as a starting point for possible designs -- see comp design. This design depicts one of the more recent designs that have appeared around the Stonehenge area in England.

    All the commercial ideas will incorporate the entire spectrum of the alien phenomena creatively developed to open peoples minds to the mystery with a humorous overtone. We would envision a very high tech look to these spots, with darkly mysterious symbolic elements. These commercials would be filmed on a high quality level produced and filmed by professional production companies.

    The closing on all the following commercial ideas would be the same to establish continuity.

    [CLOSING] Scene quickly fades to black and the slogan for each commercial is flashed on the screen followed by a shot of the cereal box and the slogan "Eat Crop Circle Cereal TM " and the website address.

    Spot #1 Hoaxers
    Spot #2 Crop Circle Parking Lot
    Spot #3 Alien Art
    Spot #4 Beyond the Milky Way
    Spot #5 Cow Spots
    Spot #6 Infinite Fractal Dimensional Loop
    Spot #7 Worm Hole
    Spot #8 Missing Time
    Spot #9 Happy DNA
    Spot #10 Earth Mother

    Dynamic ads will be created to go along with the commercial spots. Incorporating still shots of commercials and using the various slogans.

    The web site would be created to compliment the product and to provide additional information about Cerealogy and other UFO/Alien information. There would also be further details on some of the more enigmatic commercials. There are existing sites on the net whose information could be mirrored, or the content absorbed into this site. The following are beginning ideas for its development:

  • Info on the history of Cereology and related crop circle research info
  • Pictures and chronological listings of circles
  • Debunking info and disinformation - an objective look at what may be hoaxes and what aspects of the phenomena are genuine.
  • Links to related sites
  • Current stories about alien abductions, anomalies, and paranormal mysteries.
  • Contests - to visit crop circles, air fare, hotel, airplane/helicopter ride over circles
  • Information on scientific research on the grain of the "genuine" formations
  • Shopping Catalog with products inspired by and related to the crop formations. Many quality products may already exist, and could be incorporated into the on-line catalog, while others can of course be created to enhance the theme.



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