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Crop Circles are widely acknowledged as one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the twentieth century. The global fascination with this phenomena continues to gain in momentum as the sheer number of sighting increases. Crop formations have been found in more than a dozen countries worldwide since 1990; including Japan, Australia, Canada, United States, Russia, England and other European countries.
Southern England is still the main area that crop circle formations appear over 90% of the reported 5000+ circles. Some of the most intense activity is in a 40 mile radius of one of the world's most famous ancient monuments Stonehenge. Thousands of these simple circles, Celtic crosses, and increasingly complex pictograms have been discovered in southern England's crop fields since 1978. One of the most popular theories regarding the formation of these circles has to do with some form of extraterrestrial and/or extradimensional alien intervention. The scientific community has yet to come up with any solid evidence as to the cause of this fascinating phenomena, although many interesting theories have been presented.
Some of these circles have been written off as a hoax, intentionally created by groups of individuals with various agendas. However, upon objective scrutiny, a large percentage of these circles are still unexplained. Some would say that this is a concerted effort by the part of agencies unknown to discredit and cover-up the nature of the genuine phenomena, the nature of which can be readily discerned by a more in-depth examination of certain unique properties of the "real" circles. The emerging field of study for this phenomena is called "Cereology."

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