Become the Music Video

The following Become the Music video will provide you with some basic information about how to begin "working" with our musical soundscapes for the most effective results. We define "working" as something completely different than just causal background listening. The level of conscious engagement along with setting intention is the added factor in this process; along with a deep immersion into the sounds and letting go of the density of the physical form and shifting to a higher awareness of your body of Light. This video will give you the basic technique to get you started, but it takes time and practice to really start to feel this shifting of energy. Take a look at the images below so you can get a visual idea of what you are trying to accomplish.

This video contains an opening narrative with instructions, followed by some animated images to help you understand your goals while listening to the guided journey. Following the guided journey, there will be a 10 minute sound file from our DNA Activation #1 CD. We recommend this adventure to anyone who is new to our work, so you can learn more about how to experience multidimensional music & sound.


Keep the following images in mind when you are working with our music. Your Ultimate Goal is to Dissolve & Align with your Soul Essence. You goal here is to be able to hold higher states of awareness while in a theta state of brain waves. This will enable you to tap into the higher sources of wisdom available when you are in resonance with it. We call this Source Vibration and is synonomous with God.