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Submit Reading RequestDNA Activation Transmission Sessions

  • Initiate the process of activating your 12-strand/multi-strand DNA
  • Balance chakras and expand the auric field
  • Awaken your dormant potentials
  • Increase your extrasensory perceptions and intuitive faculties
  • Clear emotional baggage, addictive & habitual patterns
  • Stimulate pastlife memories for clearing and reawakening dormant talents/creativity
  • Increase your Light Quotient to prepare for LightBody/Ascension work
  • Release the untapped potential in your 2-strand "junk" DNA
  • Enhance your clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient abilities
  • Balance & harmonize your bio-energetic field to increase levels of bliss and peace
  • Increase your ability to maintain your connection to Source for prolonged creative expression
  • Amplify your manifestation abilities to actualize your dreams and visions
  • Activate your mind/body connection to take control of your own healing abilities
  • Expand your field of awareness to become more in tune with the multidimensional
    realms of Light
  • Releases new levels of inner intelligence and connects you with many levels of
    Universal wisdom
  • Empower your Path of Light by releasing coded information in your DNA
    that allows you to clearly see your purpose and your mission

These sessions are done in combination with using the
DNA.LevelOne.Activation Series

by Shapeshifter

DNA Activation

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All of the above is possible over time, perhaps many years of dedication. It is not for those seeking quick results, as it is a spiritual journey. Your guidance will assist you in awakening these gifts in the steps and stages that allow you to handle the influxes of energy. Be patient, persistent, diligent and consistent and you will attain results.

The 3rd Eye offers a remote DNA Activation session that is a shaktipat transmission of higher frequencies.

These sessions can either start your process of DNA Activation or enhance the work you have already done. The unfolding journey of DNA Activation begins with your INTENT to start the process. A vibrational healer can assist you along this path by infusing higher frequencies of Light into your personal matrix (shaktipat). The music alone will also do this process, so it is a personal preference to work with a healer or not. Ultimately this journey is one that takes you deeper within, where all truths will be discovered. Having assistance along the way can often be helpful until you feel ready to walk the path alone. We are here to assist in whatever way you feel most comfortable. We are here to share this knowledge and information, not to teach you anything about your own specific journey. This you have to discover on your own. We always recommend using discernment when working with any healer or spiritual guide.

The DNA Activation sessions can be set up in various ways, to accommodate your unfolding path. You can either do a full series throughout the entire process or you can do individual sessions - as you feel guided. There are 4 CDs in the LevelOne DNA Activation series, which are used in support of your sessions. Shivanti will work with you, beginning with whatever level of understanding you are at , as well as whatever previous spiritual growth work you have already integrated. You can schedule sessions as you progress through each CD, which will enhance the entire process tenfold. It is of the utmost importance, in the midst of current world events and the accelerating 2012 frequencies pouring on to the planet, to become the beacons of Light and Love that we have all incarnated this time around to be, and to shine that energy out into the World using our various gifts.

This very personalized process will include a flow of email exchanges, perhaps phone calls or chats, to determine what direction your sessions will take. You will be expected to spend quality time thinking about your current path and purpose, so be sure that this is the direction you would like to proceed at this time. This will be an intense transformational experience and one that should be undertaken with a sincere level of respect and commitment. The initial sessions may be ones of discovery about your path and purpose, clearing negative karmic imprints and getting in touch with your divine essence (chakra reading, aura reading, pastlife).

Each session will be transmitted from the core vortex energetic space of the Odyssey - our sound and light Ascension Temple.


The Odyssey is an Energy Enhancement Environment that was created to be an open-ended sacred space designed to explore frontiers on the leading edge of consciousness research. The room was created to be a magical place, where you can get in touch with the unlimited energy of your essence -- to reconnect you to the sense of wonder and aliveness you experienced as a child. It can take you to worlds of magic and freedom where all things are possible. These trans-dimensional realities are within each one of us and just await our sincere intent to experience and learn from them. Shivanti has been working in this environment since 1989 and has interfaced for many years with this technology and has developed special skills that allow her to transcend 3D time/space limitations in order to offer higher level transmissions that are truly transformational. To learn more about The Odyssey, we recommend you visit the web pages.

Private sessions in the Odyssey with Shvanti are available in St. Petersburg, Florida.

FREE CONSULT BEFORE YOU BEGIN - Click on LiveChat or call 727.235.6302

Energy Exchange : $125

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If you would like to learn more about our transformational work using multidimensional music, request our free packet of info below.

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