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featuring "Spiritual MRI"
(detailed informaiton about the state of your Spiritual Body)


All Sessions & Services by Shamanic Spiritual Guide, Shivanti
Ambassador to the 5th World of Light

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Evolutionary Spiritual Guidance
for Healing, Transformation & Ascension

offerings of support to those seeking to increase their Light Quotient

The 3rd Eye is dedicated to those who walk a path of

Are you dedicated student/teacher of your Spiritual Path?
Are you consciously working this lifetime to transcend your karmic cycles?
Do you take full responsibility for all that is happening in your life?
Are you ready to Step Up into your True Purpose
and Walk your Path of Light?
Would you like to be able to monitor your Spiritual Progress
and receive confirmations along the way?
Are you seeking to live in alignment with the 2012-2032 Ascension Timeline?
Do you want to activate your multi-strand DNA?

If the answer is Yes to any of these,
then our services will be in alignment with what you may be seeking at this time.

The healing & power is within YOU - I am here to help you find that place

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DISCLAIMER: (for obvious reasons) The information offered on this site should be considered spiritual in nature and not based in scientific fact. This type of guidance is not recognized to be truth by current medical models and should not replace your doctors opinions. You are ultimately responsible for the reality you experience and therefore create. It is intended for spiritual explorers on the leading edge of consciousness explorations.

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