2012 Gateways

image of 2012 Gateways soundscape by ShapeshifterDNA
  • Beginning explorations into Multidimensional Sound
  • Creative and energetic
  • Good for background while doing activities
  • Great for quick affirmations and intent setting

All the tracks on this album were created while focusing on the incoming waves of energy moving us towards the 2012 Gateways. Our intent was to offer these sonic transmissions as frequency packets that will assist you in raising your overall vibration – consistently and continuously day by day. Each person faces choices of how to perceive these potential nexus points; aligning with the inertial energy of the 3D world which is dissolving or with the emergence of the 5th World of Light – the choice is always within you. We offer these soundscapes to assist you in aligning with your higher path and purpose during these transitionary phases. The more of us who can hold this higher perspective, the less tumultuous the changes will be for us and our planet. We ride the waves of Light and Modulate the Lifewave through and beyond the 2012-2032 Gateways filled with potent potentials – Enjoy the Ride.

This album was created from the monthly soundfiles that were part of our 2 year Gold Program (2009-2010). See also the Abundance Generation album.

Artist: ShapeshifterDNA

Genre: Electronic Ambient Chill, new age, space, psychedelic

Transcend the Matrix : 4:41
New Worlds Emerging : 3:44
Omage of Mirrors : 5:18
Taming the Leviathan : 5:03
Light Magic Heals the Ocean : 4:16
Heaven on Earth : 3:56
Victory of the Light : 4:37
Into this Realm : 5:21
10:10:10 Cloud Rabbit : 10:10
Transition Point Omega : 5:11
Encounter : 4:54


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