11:11 Transmissions of Light Codes

image of 11:11 soundscape by ShapeshifterDNA
  • Meditation Level: Intermediate
  • Aligns with 11:11 Gateways to Alternate Dimensions
  • Initiates one into 11:11 Timelines
  • Connects One with other Ascending Humans

11:11 is a number activation sequence. When you see the numbers 11, 111, or 1111 on your digital clock you are given that moment to focus your energy and drop into a space of deeper connection to ALL. It acts like a doorway, a gateway or a portal into the higher realms of unlimited manifestations. It is ideal to just stop what you are doing and take that minute to focus on higher thoughts. Think about what it is you want to bring forth in your life, as the intent you put forth will be amplified 11-fold. Eleven is a number of masters.

The following soundscape was created for an 11:11 event on 11/11/06. ShapeshifterDNA prepared to receive these waves of sonic transmissions from the 11:11 gateway by first aligning the body temple and our energetic fields to receive this information in the form of higher vibrational frequencies, awakening our DNA to be a receiver/transmitter of multidimensional information through sound. Deep meditation is next, followed by sitting at the keyboard, opening to the Muse. Allowing the SOUNDS to rise up into awareness. Reaching out, intending their directions, following the points of Light, making the connections - hooking up to the GRID. As transmissions begin to stream forth - pulses, vibrations, streams of energy flow, guiding us to move our hands and fingers in a graceful dance of movement, turning knobs, modulating pitches, peaking and transforming amplitude; the rhythm takes over, we blend and merge with the flow of the Tonal, we connect to the Universal consciousness and become ONE with ALL THAT IS. We are tactile, we are the SOUND. Energy flows, gateways appear, we are spinning, spiraling, diving deep within the cosmos, communing with scalar fields and biophotons, activating the divine gnosis, talking to alien holograms, connecting with future and probable selves. Seeing and feeling merge in the sacred geometrics of the MATRIX. Hours pass away in minutes. We emerge from this space transformed, enlivened, awakened, in bliss . . . . transmission received.

11:11 Transmissions of Light Codes

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Artist: ShapeshifterDNA

Genre: Electronic Ambient PsyChil Trance, cyberShamanic, psychedelic, dream trance, space

11:11 Transmissions of Light Codes : 11:00